Corporate Governance

Consiglio di Amministrazione

Luciano Fecondini, Presidente e CEO

Graduated in 1972 in chemical engineering at only 23 years-old from Bologna university, after a short experience in the petrol-chemical sector Luciano started working in BioMed R&D for Dasco, at the time European leader together with Bellco. In 1980 Luciano becomes Head of Global R&D for haemofiltration at Amicon, in Massacchusetts, USA. In 1985 he comes back to Italy and founds Medica together with Andrea Bocchi, initially as a R&D lab providing consultancy and development services to large multinational companies, then industrialized after acquiring elecromedical / automation expertise with the 1990 acquisition of Tecnoideal. Since then, Luciano has led Medica Group transforming it in a pocket-size multinational company with a world-class know-how in hollow-fiber medical and water membranes, as well as electromedical devices. Also Chairman of “Consorzio CONSOBIOMED”, reuniting 24 Italian BioMed companies.

Marco Fecondini, Consigliere delegato

After graduating in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Bologna in 2004, and a MSc in Horticultural Science from the Technical University of Munich, Marco continued his academic path with a PhD from University of Bologna while working as Consultant in Peru, Burkina Faso and Brazil for food safety programs and simplified hydroponic systems. Marco joins Medica in 2011, initially in the R&D – blood purification disposables, then as business developer of the Water Division (from 2012 to May 2021) and as Board Member (since 2015). Since 2017, Marco covers the role of Chief Commercial Officer.

Letizia Bocchi, Consigliere delegato

After graduating in Biotechnology from Modena and Reggio Emilia University in 2004, Letizia works for a couple of years in Medica as medical application specialist. She then undergoes a PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at University of Ferrara, covering at the same time the role of Research Fellow being involved in a project concerning the study of cholesterol metabolism. In 2010 she returns to Medica, for 11 years as R&D of Membranes and Filters specialist, covering: (1) Clinical trials: set-up and supervision of a clinical trial of a biomedical device used for leuko-apheresis treatments; (2) Laboratory: R&D Membrane and filters. Validation and performance tests on hollow fiber filters used for hemofiltration, dialysis, water purification purposes; (3) Patent Office and management of Intellectual Property. Since 2013 she is Board Member and Head of IP and since 2021 Letizia is the Head of the Research Laboratory.

Chiara Stancari, Consigliere delegato

After a diploma in Accounting at ITC L. Einaudi in San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO), she covered the role of Accounting & Administration Manager in various companies in the Bologna area, to then join Medica in 1995 as Administration Manager. Chiara is Member of the Board of Directors.

Andrea Moschetti, Consigliere indipendente


Collegio Sindacale

Anna Laura Mazza, Presidente

Stefania Grazia, Sindaco effettivo

Riccardo Vergnanini, Sindacao effettivo

Loris Quattrini, Sindaco supplente

Guerzoni Sandra, Sindaco supplente


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